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Hi, I'm John Carlton.

Recently, you made the smart decision to get your hands on The Simple Writing System.

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If you're following the steps, your life is about to change in a big way.

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What does all this mean for you?

  • If you’re a freelancer, these skills make it easier to land clients - and command higher fees.
  • If you’re a business owner, you’ll see a dramatic boost in your sales and conversions.  No more stressing out about the “slow season.”  You’ll have the skills you need to generate new leads and customers almost on demand.

As I said, follow the steps... and your life will change forever.

The only question is... 

How fast do you want to make all of this happen?

If you're serious about writing the best ads of your career, there is a way you can get even better results FASTER:

Personal Coaching:  The Ultimate Shortcut to Mastering Copywriting.

Is this for you?

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Right now, there’s an opportunity to work with one of my hand-picked coaches to guide you step by step through the entire Simple Writing System.

You'll have personal access to a million-dollar copywriter for the next eight weeks.

What can the Simple Writing System Coaching Program do for you?

  • Kick your motivation into high gear: There's nothing like fast feedback on each exercise to keep you motivated. Your excitement will go through the roof as you move from one module to the next.
  • Give you a deeper mastery of every critical sales element in a killer sales message: Every element is important. But some are easier to learn than others.  Perhaps you want more help with writing eye-catching bullets... or coming up with irresistible hooks. You will streamline your progress and move as fast as humanly possible through the entire program… without missing anything essential.
  • One breakthrough AHA moment after another: You'll get expert advice on each step exactly as it applies to your business. This is NOT textbook learning. It's a seasoned pro taking you by the hand and telling you precisely what to do next.
  • Small class size. We want you to get the most value out of the program, so no class ever has more than 20 students. This means you get insane amounts of one-on-one attention from your instructor. You'll be in a private online classroom where you can learn from your fellow students as well. In fact, some of your greatest breakthroughs might come from your coach's feedback to another student!
  • Easy to fit in, no matter how busy you are. When you sign up now, you can start anytime within the next two weeks. The Simple Writing System is designed with busy people in mind. Only have time to post a couple of times a week? No problem. The personal feedback you get is still going to help you create a killer, sales-boosting ad. Want to dive in and post every single workday? Perfect! No matter how much time you have, your coach is here for you.
  • Writer's block will be ancient history. No more staring at a blank page while a deadline creeps up. And no more mad scribbling without knowing where you're going with it. Your coach will keep you inspired and laser-focused on your mission: creating an ad that triggers an avalanche of sales.

Whether you're a total newbie or an experienced pro... 

Personal coaching is the fastest way to write sizzling hot, conversion-boosting copy.

Before you know it, you'll be creating effective, high-converting ads, videos, sales letters, webinars, emails...

...Whatever you need to trigger sales for your business.

Here's how the Simple Writing System Coaching Program works:

You get 8 solid weeks of one-on-one mentoring.

You post your exercises into a private membership area. A little while later, you get personal feedback from a world-class copywriter.

  • When you're on the right track, your coach will show you how to do even better.
  • If you're slightly off the mark, he/she will guide you to correct your mistake.
  • If you go completely off the rails (it happens to the best of us), your coach will gently but firmly let you know. (Remember, we are here to help you make money, not to sugarcoat things.)

You'll hit the nail on the head with every exercise.

Each lesson builds on the one before... and your ability to create powerful sales copy grows exponentially when you follow the system.

Your confidence in your ability will skyrocket.

Potential clients will see it… and your explosion of sales will show it.

Now, there's a bit of bad news... 

We can't offer the coaching program all the time. It's just not possible.

(If it were up to Stan, the Simple Writing System Coaching Program would always be available… 365 days of the year.)

However, I’m incredibly picky about who gets to teach my system.

Every Simple Writing System Instructor must:

  • Be an established copywriter who has brought in millions with his/her copy.
  • Have written multiple controls, in different niches, for all kinds of clients.  
  • All instructors must prove themselves worthy as a teacher... as well as a top-notch copywriter.
  • And of course, all coaches must know every step of the Simple Writing System inside out and backward.

If any of these qualifications are missing, I won’t let them anywhere near my students.

Of course, all this limits how often we can offer the coaching program.

If you're seeing this page, it means there's good news!

We have a coaching spot available to help take your copy skills to the next level - FAST.

And there's even better news...

Since you already have the Simple Writing System materials, you save $300 off what everyone else is paying!

Are you ready to get started?  Then it's time to...

Meet your SWS Coach

Lorrie Morgan Simple Writing System

I'm thrilled to announce that the current SWS Coaching Program is being led by Lorrie Morgan.

Lorrie brings over 20 years of direct response marketing experience and copy chiefing to SWS Coaching. In fact, she’s been on board as a regular coach since SWS’s inception as one of its most popular and successful mentors.

She’s written for a vast array of industries...from the health, beauty, and woo woo markets to preppers, guns, and erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t matter what the product is...Lorrie brings her insatiable curiosity to the table to slay the copy.

Besides the SWS, Lorrie’s copy has been featured in Dan Kennedy’s Gold Membership, Kevin Rogers’ Copy Chief, AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute), Mal Emery’s Business School in Australia, Ali Brown’s Blueprint Launch, Ladies Who Launch, Office Depot, NAWBO (National Association for Women Business Owners), Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Events, Marcia Weider’s Dream University, Arielle Ford’s Attract Your Soulmate, Survival Frog, and more.

Plus she recently made Copy Warfare’s 2021 list of the Greatest Copywriters of All Time (Past and Present).

I met Lorrie in one of my early seminars in Reno as a student in 2004. She (wisely) hired me as her mentor and her career skyrocketed soon after. I can’t take all the credit, but she told me she wanted to be wildly successful...and she knew how important it was to find the right mentor. It obviously worked for her.

As a former SWS Student, Lorrie gets exactly how to coach every level of writer and marketer through this program. Each step of the way, Lorrie will be there to give you honest feedback on your copy and overall salesmanship.

Lorrie, like every one of my hand-picked and mentored Simple Writing System Coaches, charges $500 - $2,500 / hour for consulting, copy critiques, etc.

Having unlimited access to Lorrie to guide you through every step of SWS is a screaming deal. 

It's a small fraction of what you would pay if you tried to hire her on your own.

Here's a sample of her raving testimonials…

One of The Best Copy Mentors in The Industry!

"As the Copy Chief for Moxie, Lorrie worked one-on-one with our team of writers providing detailed feedback on projects as well as ongoing guidance and mentorship to help develop their craft. Constructive criticism is one of the most powerful ways any writer can become better at what they do, and having Lorrie provide daily feedback to our writers made all the difference in the world. With her decades of experience combined with an editor's eye for detail, she helped mold and shape our writers to become the very best. If anyone is seeking to become a better writer and develop their craft, Lorrie is one of the best copy mentors in the industry!" 

Anika Watkins Copywriter

Anika Watkins,

Moxie Copywriting

The Consummate Coach and Mentor

“As a writer, I know first-hand how much better my copywriting improved at an accelerated pace under Lorrie’s guidance. Is she tough? Yes. Is she fair? Absolutely. Is she an absolute delight to work with? That’s an understatement if there ever was one!

There’s zero doubt I leveled up faster and produced better copy – and results – by working with Lorrie. And I’ll admit I was nervous about someone of her caliber reading and critiquing my work. But she’s got such a calm, fun, helpful demeanor, you feel like you are free to relax and be yourself. She's the consummate coach and mentor. I recommend Lorrie without hesitation to anyone who wants to transform into the best writer they can possibly be.”

Brad McMillen Copywriter

Brad McMillen,


Shrink Your Learning Curve

“I was up against a deadline and was fretting over a messy headline issue. Still, as a pro copywriter I was hesitant to hire a chief because I thought “Hey, I should be able to figure this out myself.” The thing is, Lorrie was able to see the problem right away and in a matter of minutes, she solved a difficult headline issue that would have taken me weeks to figure out. Turns out the complicated market I was writing needed the finesse of an experienced pro. Bonus... she has a way of fixing what’s not working in your copy and leaving YOU feeling like the hero. So, if you want to shrink your learning curve, get the best possible outcome ASAP, and walk away 100% confident in your sales copy... Lorrie Morgan's your woman!”

Carrie Carr Copywriter

Carrie Carr,

Groundwork Copy

The Simple Writing System
Coaching Program

The SWS Coaching has been designed to ensure you get the absolute maximum value out of the Simple Writing System. And fast.

So, you’ll be getting shocking amounts of one-on-one attention from a highly-successful copywriter & teacher.

You will be mentored by someone whose copy and marketing know-how has produced millions in sales for themselves and their clients.

There’s no better shortcut money can buy for boosting your copywriting skills in a hurry.

Here’s how the personal coaching works:

Everything runs on your schedule with "on demand" coaching throughout the entire 8-week session.

You just let us know what day you want your personal coaching to begin. (Any day in the next two weeks.)

That's when you'll start getting personal feedback from your coach.

You’ll be assigned to an online classroom with a small number of other students… led by one dedicated SWS Coach.

This is NOT “mass mob teaching”. No SWS classroom ever has more than 20 students.

That means your coach will really get to know you and your business…

… even if you’re just getting started…

… and be able to give you specific advice tailored to your situation, one-on-one.

We’ve even had people take this course twice in a row before, just because the networking, the trading of ideas, the brainstorming, and the interaction with their coach and fellow students, is such a blast.

The high-octane inspiration you pick up here will fuel your tank for a long, long time.

As you can imagine, this amount of personal mentoring comes at a price. However, it is a relative bargain.

That’s because, every single one of my hand-picked coaches charges at least $500 per hour for consulting, copy critiques, etc.

Having unlimited access to any of them to guide you through every step of SWS is an absolutely amazing opportunity.

And with SWS, you’ll only pay a small fraction of what you would if you tried to hire them on your own.

Now, you might be wondering: What time is the class?

Any darn time you want it to be!

Everything in the SWS Coaching Program happens on your schedule, not ours.

There are no live webinars or calls you need to schedule your life around. No deadline for meeting any specific task. No “falling behind” other students (because everyone goes at their own pace.)

All of the lessons, exercises, and bonuses are there waiting for you, 24 hours a day.

You can work on an exercise and post your results — or your questions — in your virtual classroom any time of the day (or night).

Within one to two working days, often on the same day, you’ll get a personal response from your coach. And with this one-on-one feedback, you’ll learn everything quickly.

And if you're still worried about how you're going to make time for all of this...

Don’t be.

Some SWS Students have zoomed through the program in a few weekends.

One of my most successful students booked a 3-star hotel down the street a few Saturday afternoons (to get away from family distractions and focus on learning this). He’s a millionaire now.

But you don’t have to do anything as extreme as booking a hotel room.

Many other folks have spaced everything out, going through the materials over their lunch hour…

… or by turning off Netflix a few nights a week…

… or by spending a little less time mindlessly scrolling through Facebook…

And if you can do that, you’re going to have plenty of time to take full advantage of the Simple Writing System.

Now, it pains me to tell you...

Places in The Simple Writing System Coaching Program are limited

Due to the amount of one-on-one attention every student gets from their coach, we don’t take on any more than 20 students per class.

The upside to this is that you get a ton of hands-on, personal attention from a successful professional copywriter & teacher… who will expertly coach you as you transform into a killer writer.

Unfortunately, this also means spaces are very limited.

And we only run a couple of classes per year… so as you can imagine, spaces fill up fast.

If you can see an order button below on this page, this means there is still a space for you available in the current class.

But I can’t guarantee that space will still be available if you come back to this page tomorrow… or even later on today.

So, if you’re ready to secure your spot in The Simple Writing System Coaching Program, don’t delay. Order today.

The Simple Writing System
Coaching Program


To make your decision today as easy as possible, I’m giving you a screamingly-generous 30-day guarantee of satisfaction…

… meaning you’re not risking anything by diving in right now.

Here’s how it works:

Order today and try the Simple Writing System for yourself. You can even go through the exercises and get feedback from your SWS coach… and if for any reason, whatsoever, you’re not blown away by how easy the SWS makes it to create brilliant advertising…

then you don’t owe me a cent.

Simply send an email to my support team within 30-days of ordering, and you will receive a prompt 100% refund.

This is a ridiculously generous guarantee… Especially considering we have a professional writer who has committed serious time to teaching you and the others in your virtual class.

This guarantee means you can test-drive the course, and get all your money back if it turns out it’s not for you.

I bent over backwards to create this course…

… literally pouring into it everything I know about systematically writing great sales messages.

It’s worked for so many people already that I’m betting it will work for you, too!

As soon as you order, you’ll have instant access to all of the video lessons and bonuses…

… and my staff will scramble to get your workbook to you as fast as possible. (Our customer service always gets rave reviews.)

So now...

It's decision time

All that’s really required to start your own adventure in making money is to:

  • Stop making excuses…
  • Find a proven resource like this where you can quickly discover a proven system for writing effective advertising…
  • And make the decision to get started.

What are you waiting for?

You are about to finally discover the foundation of every successful business.

It’s your turn to get on the inside for a change.

Remember, the spots in this current class are limited, and I can’t guarantee there will be any spots left if you come back to this page tomorrow… or even later today.

And since we only run a couple of classes per year, the time to act is now.

Grab your spot now, by signing up below.

Your entire future can change, dramatically and quickly, by choosing to join us right now. For just a few weeks of transformation and career-oriented fun.

This is powerful stuff, for people who are serious about achieving success.

A single new sales message that “hits all the hot buttons” of your market can generate massive results…

… making the price of this system nothing more than a brief investment on your part… quickly recovered.

And remember, you’re covered by my extremely generous 100% money-back guarantee, so you risk nothing by ordering today.

Order now, while you’re thinking about it, and your adventure in business success can begin right away.

Just click on the order button below and grab your spot.

I’ll look for you in your classroom.

Stay frosty,

John Carlton

The Simple Writing System
Coaching Program

P.S. Here’s a reminder of EVERYTHING that happens when you upgrade to the Simple Writing Coaching System today:

  • You get shocking amounts of one-on-one, personal coaching from a Lorrie Morgan, a highly-successful copywriter & writing teacher

    You will be mentored by someone whose copy and marketing know-how has produced millions in sales for themselves and their clients.

    There’s no better shortcut for boosting your copywriting skills in a hurry.

    If you were to hire any of the SWS coaches yourself, you’d pay $500 per hour for their time, at the very least!

    But with the Simple Writing System Coaching Program, 2-months’ worth of highly personalized coaching from these ad-writing superstars is included in the price.
  • Surprise Bonus!  Three months Full Membership to the Marketing Rebel Insiders Club

    You'll get a full three-month membership in the Market Rebel Insider’s Club, where you’ll get…

    … a rotating archive of proven ads, along with insight into what made the ad so successful…

    … unlimited chances to bend the ear of the Marketing Rebel Team on any biz, marketing, advertising, or even lifestyle questions you have…

    … PLUS, the opportunity to be chosen for a private Hot Seat consult with my business partner and co-creator of the SWS, Stan Dahl, and me, which we do monthly.

So, there you have it.

If you’re ready to secure your place in The Simple Writing System Coaching Program, click the button below to sign up now:

P.P.S. – Are you asking yourself any of these 3 questions?  (Click each to expand.)

FAQ 1: Will this work for me?

FAQ 2: Can I learn this?

FAQ 3: Can you teach me?

The Simple Writing System
Coaching Program

What Are Others Saying About John Carlton and The Simple Writing System?

Chris MilkieMilwaukee, WI

In the middle of the SWS I reinvented an ad for a weight loss biz and the phones went from lukewarm to SIZZLIN’.

Thank you John!!

Before the SWS, I THOUGHT my copywriting was pretty dang good...

In reality, my copy was lackluster, WAAAY overwritten, and often sloppy.

The SWS quickly changed all of that.

After 8 intense weeks of John Carlton tearing my copy to shreds, I discovered how to write tight, persuasive copy -- which reads like a fast ride down a roller-coaster -- and finally obliterated the "copy wrecking" head-trash that had been holding me back.

Mentoring under John Carlton has been a total game-changer for me. Behind his grizzled exterior, and tough-lovin' advice, John really gives a damn about ensuring the writers in his SWS make genuine breakthroughs.

If you're serious about kicking up your copy-chops to the next level... faster than you could imagine was even possible... I think you'd be CRAZY not to jump at the chance to work with John in his Simple Writing System.

Michael NormanAustralia

Free Money!

"Amazing! My web site conversion rate has nearly DOUBLED, just from what you've taught me. And guess what? Also following your advice, I tested a much higher price... and the conversion rate was not affected at all. That's FREE MONEY without any extra work! You were right, John."

Karen AlisonKaren Alison

Was the SWS a life-changing experience? You better believe it!

Unlike some students in my SWS class, I was not an experienced marketer or sales copywriter. I had written three or four websites, but the two existing ones were not converting and I was at a loss as to how to make them generate income. I wrote good articles, judging by the comments and emails we received, and we had created a useful product, but we weren’t selling.

As I worked through the lessons of the SWS, with John’s probing guidance, all that changed. I learned about the different elements that have to be part of a sales message – long or short – and my writing style began to change. I began to choose words differently and work harder to find compelling language.

More importantly, my thinking changed. I began to think like a marketer who is communicating valuable information to persuade my prospect into buying, instead of an ignoramus blindly hoping to capture a few sales.

John has a saying. "If you have a good product, shame on you if you don’t do everything possible to get it to the people who need it."

That puts a whole different perspective on things, doesn’t it? The SWS makes it clear that it’s your responsibility to reach out to your prospect successfully, and shows you exactly how to do that.

The course is structured in bite-sized steps to lead you through the process of creating an effective sales message, so you have a chance to think through and work with each crucial aspect. At each step, John’s incisive "tough love" feedback showed me where I could improve, when I needed to work harder to really get the lesson, and when I was actually writing well!

I also learned enormously from reading the other students’ posts and the input they received from our coach. The synergy of working in the classroom structure was so powerful, I know it has moved me forward by a quantum leap. My brain is bursting now with new ideas for products and sales messages that I can feature on our sites.

Finally, I understand the process of creating a sales message, so I know what I'm doing instead of fumbling around in the dark, hoping to luck into a good result.

When you are able to rely on tested sales concepts assembled by a pro from his many years of highly-successful copywriting, you have an unfair advantage you won’t find anywhere else. I know... I’ve looked. I've taken courses with some of the most prominent internet marketers and there is nothing with the clarity, simplicity, and focus of the SWS out there. Nothing.

This level of instruction – making the copywriting process 'simple' for the student - can only be achieved by a master writer who has spent years honing his chops to the point where he can teach you exactly how to put your own powerful, dollar-pulling sales message together.

Amanda FoxcroftAmanda FoxcroftAmandaFoxcroft.com

Simple Writing System, and John Carlton's ferocious coaching, has been the best copywriting education investment I've ever made.

Before, I knew of the parts of the sales letter, but didn't know how to make each element sing with persuasion. Now, I know how to dig deeper into the minds of my prospects, how to use empathy, and how to assemble and write a great sales letter.

I'm grateful for the Simple Writing System and John's coaching because I wouldn't have known how to fully execute all these principles on my own. I now have a reliable system I can use again and again to consistently turn out amazing copy. Thank you!

I am a resume writer. I connect with most of my clients through LinkedIn ProFinder.

For years, a typical reply from prospects was something like, "Your proposal is not suitable for me."

Since applying what I learned in The Simple Writing System Coaching Program to my copy, I have received ZERO responses like this.

I now understand exactly how to communicate with my prospects!

I'm (obviously) not closing everyone. Still, I see my conversion rates go up and up as I apply more techniques from the SWS.

Thank you, John & Colin.

Peter IppolitoPeter IppolitoSan Salvador - CuponClub.net

We have a top "Daily Deal" site in El Salvador and Guatemala that sells big discount coupons for restaurants, hair salons, mechanics, hotels, etc.

Inspired by what Carlton teaches about "One-Two Punch Bullets" in the SWS, last week we split-test the bullets we've been using on three of our offers.

The results were wild. All 3 resulted in a statistically significant increase in sales.

Argentinian Sausage Sandwiches: 12% increase over the control

Hotel and Spa Day: 28% increase over the control

Weight Loss Treatment: 85% increase over the control

We didn't change anything else. Just the 4-5 bullets near the top of the page.

Goes to show that copy REALLY matters.

Tanner HarpTanner HarpSabre.com

Before I took the Simple Writing System, had a lot of scattered knowledge from reading books from the copywriting legends like Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, Eugene Schwartz, but I didn't have a structured system to put it to use. Each fresh ad was a new trip down the rabbit hole.

After learning the Simple Writing System, it gave me a structured way to approach the work. The results were clear in my day job WAY before I started using the sales letter I developed. I became the most in-demand campaign manager in the business, got a significant raise, and the first direct mail campaign I applied the lessons to was heralded as the most successful marketing campaign of the year!

The coaching brought it together for me. They slapped some of my bad habits out of me (habits I swore by until then!) and built my strengths. I wouldn't have seen it without the coaching -- and I couldn't created such effective campaigns without the system John teaches.

Jiyaad NaeemEdison, NJ

"Within the 8 weeks of taking The Simple Writing System Coaching Program, I landed my first official writing gig – a $4,500 contract (and I was essentially an unemployed dude for 6 months)!

Before working with Leah, John & Stan, I thought I was a good writer, but wasn’t sure if I was putting all the pieces together.

After watching the videos and going through this process with Leah, I realized that I had a long way to go – and thanked God I had someone like Leah guiding me.

I had a lot of blind spots that I never would have realized without her talking me through them. Every single time she made a suggestion, I would say "Dang, that’s a lot better". (I can't think of a single exercise where something she recommended didn’t sound better or make me go to a new level of persuasion.)

I probably would have never learned the master level copywriting techniques she taught me if I was doing this alone – or it probably would have taken me years to learn them otherwise.

Thanks guys!

UPDATE: I just signed a contract for another business deal that will result in a $40,000 if everything works according to plan!!"

Otto TrommOtto Tromm

3 Times ROI With New Skills

"I just sold my most expensive screen ever. And, it was due to HOW I sold it with copy skills. Why am I so sure: - it was to a new customer - in a country where people are known for their fondness of bargain hunting - I am sure we had the most expensive offer (competitors offer a similar size screen at a third of the price) - it was the first time that such a screen was sold from a web inquiry. Wanna know how expensive the screen was? 25,000 euro (or about 35K in US$) without shipping or installation.

So thanks guys (David and John), I just made my investment in the Simple Writing System back 3 times on this order alone."

Andreea GradAndreea GradPortland, Oregon

30% more business in the last few months!

"What I learned in the Simple Writing System will help me build multiple streams of profits for years to come. I now feel I can truly make more money, create products that sell and attract more clients for my growing business. In fact, I can write my own ads which have brought in 30% more business locally in the last few months. I am so grateful for it. Thank you from my heart."

Ken GlickmanKen GlickmanFormer Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Boardroom, Inc.

"Great copywriters are proven because consumers vote with their money. That's why guys like John Carlton are so expensive, and so valuable. This is seriously important information for your business. There are only a handful of writers in John's league. I read his book as soon as I got my hands on it."

Evelyn ByrneEvelyn ByrneOwner, Market iMprint

"SWS is the first course I’ve completed without the fear of 'what to do next'.

I now have a road map to help me write copy that sells.

You know that saying... 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!'

That to me is the essence of the SWS Coaching Program!"

Kamron KaringtonKamron KaringtonRepeatReturns.com

$25 Per Minute!

"John, I made over $25 per minute using JUST your "power words" list. Increased click-throughs by 107%, and stuffed $10,500 in my pocket while sipping my morning coffee, using your tactics to rewrite some lame headlines for a client."

Chris HaddadChris Haddad"Mr. Moneyfingers"

"Hi. As I write this I'm richer than I ever thought I'd be, happier than I have any right to be . . . and have somehow become one of those "famous" copywriters who gets talked about on message boards, who's building a information business of my own that should hit 7-figures next year, and who's every letter and sales video gets mercilessly ripped off.

And it’s all John Carlton's fault."

[Disclosure: Chris's business did hit 7-figures. He's been a trusted associate for many years as well as a Simple Writing System instructor.]

Marc Boninthecarbutler.ca

"Before SWS I was hesitant about writing a sales letter because I had no one with marketing knowledge that could give me feedback. Now I have a system. Thanks SWS crew!"

Daniel AxelrodDaniel AxelrodRealSalesCopy.com

Within 10 days of graduating from the Simple Writing System Coaching Program:

-- I went to a James Malinchak seminar where merely mentioning I completed SWS led to attendees scheduling a sales call to discuss copy services. One person even said "I was so proud of myself for doing the videos on my own and you actually did the coaching program! You must be amazing now." So yes, there is credibility in The Simple Writing System name.

-- A company where I've been working as a part-time copywriter has been so impressed with me taking them through the SWS steps that they've asked me to come on board as Director of Brand Marketing with a robust salary package.

-- The CEO of that company has told the sales directors to consult me on all new sales scripts. Rather than being irritated by the new guy taking over, they LOVE it. The top sales director told me she wants to carry a recorder when I explain sales concepts because there's so much gold. I gave her a line of sales copy today for new sales trainees, and she exclaimed "Oh my God, THAT'S HOT!!" so loud the entire office heard and probably assumed something inappropriate.

And ALL of this is even before applying the concepts to writing copy! Robert's critiques have not only helped my copy but totally revolutionized my understanding of how selling works.

Dritan BashaDritan BashaeLearningGateway.com

I was terrified to even think that I had to write my own sales copy.

SWS Coaching program was the missing link between all my efforts and the results I was hoping to get from my website.

Before taking this coaching I was terrified to even think that I had to write my own sales copy, my own emails, video script or a blog post where I had to present something and hope to convince the reader to buy what I had to sell.

Add to this the fact that I am not a native English speaker and I will let you do the math...

The result of taking this coaching: I crafted my own sales letter (under the careful guidance of the coaches).

I am much more clear about the sales process of my products.

I now have a blueprint of how to craft my emails (a big component of my marketing funnel).

But above everything else, all my fears for not being able to write a well-crafted sales letter disappeared and my confidence skyrocketed.

Thanks for putting together this great coaching!

Daryl ThompsonDaryl ThompsonInsurMark.net

"Quitting My Cushy 6-Figure Job"

"Our investment education business went from $50k a year in sales to over $200k in six months, thanks to John Carlton (and a hot webmaster from Houston). Thanks to what I've learned, I'm quitting my cushy six-figure a year job to go full-time in this new business!"

John OrbanJohn OrbanAlexanderArt.com

I’ve got to say, this SWS stuff is lightning in a bottle! I never even knew this world existed a year ago. I feel like I’m walking with giants! THANK YOU!

Andrew HryniewiczAndrew HryniewiczChelsea, UK - AndrewWayfinder.com

Before SWS I struggled, rambled and "explained" my unique, and (very) hard-to-describe spirit coaching and healing work.

Now... I know what and how to say (and structure) my message to make readers say 'That sounds amazing...'.

I'm finding that the words and pages I need are just flowing out!

Everyone promises "to crack the code". John (and the great SWS teachers) deliver!

Massive thanks.

Before going through the SWS Coaching Program, I'd read a bunch of books on copywriting, had some training, and felt like I knew more than 'the basics'.

Like many eager copywriters, I'd get excited about reading a new sales, psychology, or advertising book...

...but when finished, I'd just jump to the next book. The information didn't stick because there was no clear path to apply it.

For these reasons, I was skeptical about what else I could learn from another course.

Within the first couple weeks of class I knew The SWS Coaching Program was sparking a visceral change within me.

Through the daily coaching, feedback, and course materials in SWS I could practice John's system right away, learn what needed to be improved, and continue applying the material until I proved to myself and to my coach that I understood the material.

John somehow infused a deep understanding of salesmanship psychology in me, unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Now, I'm significantly more confident with my copywriting and consulting. (Oddly enough, it's given me more confidence in my personal life too.)

I see why John and his team charge premium prices - the value in coaching someone to fundamentally change their attitude, confidence, and writing abilities is truly priceless, considering the doors it opens in life and business.

Just the other day I sent a proposal off for over $20,000 without batting an eye or second guessing my value. The bottom line is confidence sells and the SWS is the best investment I've made to build the kind of confidence that's real and based on my skills.

P.S. I got the $20,000 job!!

If you have to pick just one resource for learning copy, The Simple Writing System is it.

I read all the copy books, yet I was still frozen by performance anxiety every time I sat down to write.

Now that I'm better at research and understanding my avatar, writing is so much easier and faster. The research lessons alone were worth the price, because they got me inside the prospect's brain in a way no other book or course was able to.

I appreciate how you guys broke down the entire writing process step by step.

Good writing isn't a fluke, it's a formula. (And I don't mean those B.S. formulas you see out there for how to write a sales page).

The SWS taught me the nuts and bolts of crafting a killer sales argument are deeper than just hooks and headlines. And good luck finding material out there that explains all of this in a way practical and down to earth like it's done in the SWS.

Definitely glad I chose the private coaching option, too. Colin gives the best insights, took the SWS lessons to another level, and gently redirected me when I missed something. At least 80% of the value I got from SWS came from the private coaching. My only regret is that I didn't find you years earlier.

Tanja PislarTanja Pislar@tanjapislar, UK

The SWS is the FIRST and ONLY online course that I ever finished. Ever. And I bought a few of them that are out there. The SWS is that good.

You get your own, personal, PROFESSIONAL copywriting instructor.

One that does this for a living, for BIG MONEY.

You spend 8 weeks with him and he helps you develop your sales letter specific to YOUR situation.

I entered the course as a rookie... and left it with a clear idea what a winning sales letter looks like.

Now, I have the recipe to write my own. A checklist that will sit on my desk for a long time.

I already went through all the material a couple of more times since the course finished.

I loved this course so much that I am now pursuing this as something I want to do for money - a career change. From a web developer, I am training to become a professional direct response copywriter.

Seriously, if anyone reading this is on the fence - just click that button and buy it. You will definitely finish this course - it won't stay unwrapped under your bed :)

Markus KurodaJapan

"Studying John Carlton's writing, and adapting it to Japanese culture, has allowed me to dominate an entire Asian market. It's just unbelievable what you can do when you learn what's in John's amazing bag of tricks."

Kevin Hill

$340,000 in 7 Days

"I started working for internet marketer Russell Brunson as a full-time copywriter and had only written a handful of letters up until that point. He asked me to write a sales letter for our 12-Month Internet Millionaire launch -- my first major launch. I was a little nerved up and repeatedly referred to John's course for guidance while writing the letter. Thanks to implementing the quick-start copywriting secrets John revealed in his course, the letter ended up pulling in $340,000 in 7 days.

If you remotely care about becoming a better copywriter and marketer, you need to get your hands on John's materials before your competition does."

Tom WilkersonPhoenix, AZ

Topped Our Best Month Ever... In Just One Week With New Tactics

"In the last 3 months conversions on my website have gone through the roof. Last week we had 17 sales ($300 info product) with less than 300 unique visitors to the site, which is by far the best month we ever had in just 1 week. My data base guy is foaming at the mouth to find out why my analytics data is sending such a huge spike in conversions and my bounce rate plummeting to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I implemented changes to my site as I was progressing within the Simple Writing System Training Program and realized after week 3 that I had all my money back. I truly can't wait to see what happens to my bank account and my list at the end of the year!"

Michael RichesonMichael RichesonNewberg, OR

"Brought in more than a dozen high-ticket members ($4,000+ each)."

"I read "Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets" a few months ago. It was so good I bought the Simple Writing System course. A couple weeks ago I had a chance to put it all together for a client of mine. Using what learned, I wrote a Facebook ad, a 3,000-word sales letter, and an email sequence.

The ad finished with a 6 percent CTR, the sales letter had a nearly 30 percent completion rate, and the email sequence (so far) has brought in more than a dozen high-ticket members ($4,000+ each). All from a $150 ad spend.

No way I could've pulled that off without John’s book and course. Thanks for all the valuable info!"

Michael JansMichael JansPresident, Insurance Profit Systems, Inc.

"I study Carlton's copy like a 14 year-old boy reads Playboy. Completely dazzled, entranced and full of desire. I've read hundreds of books on marketing and copywriting and make my living with it... so I know how to separate the wheat from the chaff in this business. Every time I think I've hit the nail on the head with my copy, I read one of John's letters and realize how much farther I could go. Ouch... it hurts to say that... but it's true."

I was made redundant from my job the day after I signed up for Simple Writing System with John - and it's the best thing that ever happened to me.

Within a few days of taking this course, it was clear I never had to apply for another 9-5 position again.

After the SWS and John's coaching (and sometimes... outright slaps upside the head), I've now got the tools to write a winning sales message ingrained in me.

Success in my freelance copywriting career - and happiness in life - will all come back to what I learned from John.

That's not an overstatement... there's a reason he's referred to as "the best copywriting teacher on the planet."

I immediately started putting what I learned into practice, earning thousands of dollars before I was even finished the course.

The price of entry is literally a bargain for the transformation that will occur in your writing and business.

If you're serious about taking your copywriting skills up to the level of "scary good", I can't recommend the Simple Writing System Coaching Program enough.

April MorelockIndiana

"Two months ago I had little hope of making it in this business. Now, after taking John's specific advice, I'm quitting my day job and doing this full time."

Ken CalhounKen CalhounStockTradingSuccess.com

Sold Out The Show

"You inspired me to write a new pitch to my house list, using your tactics... and it generated a near-DOUBLE response rate (over 203 requests in under 24 hours, at $495 a pop). Sold out the show."

Ernie SvensonErnie SvensonSmallFirmBootcamp.com

"To be honest, even though I have massive respect for John Carlton and everything he does, I was hesitant about signing up because I was afraid I'd be somehow disappointed.

But, after having run the gauntlet I can say... The SWS course was everything I secretly hoped it would be: practical, hands-on, inspiring, challenging, enlightening, thoroughly enjoyable, and definitely profitable.

Thank you SO much for offering this exceptional course, and for making it so convenient to learn copywriting from the best in the biz."

James CurleyJames CurleyOHP Golf

"Forget College -- Study John's Advice"

"What I learned in an afternoon from John allowed me to earn more money than did my entire college education. I can't tell you how dramatically this has changed my life! My ads now cook and pull like crazy."

[Full Disclosure: James is a partner at a former client of mine, and he's gotten so good that I've both hired him to write for my business, and asked him to be a teacher in the Simple Writing System Coaching Program.]."

Ben CummingsBen CummingsPark Place Publishing, NY

"I Stalk Your Ads"

"Dear John: Your strategies have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I consider your copywriting to be so influential on my success, that I've literally stalked your ads and sales letters, purchased countless products and services to get on lists... solely so I could collect (and study) the sales letters that you write. This practice has been like a real-world 'Harvard Business School' education for me. And I know dozens of millionaire business people and successful "guru's" that quietly keep an eye on you, follow all that you do, and consider you a major influence on their success."

Jimmy ParentJimmy ParentBaltimore, MD

I spent 8 weeks under John Carlton's torturous coaching in the SWS Coaching Program... and all I got from it was a quadrupled income. (And better sex, a perfect golf swing, the ability to use military combat strategies to steal rubber guns from unsuspecting assailants...) PLUS: Agora flying me to Baltimore in 2 weeks to talk about a writing job.

John ReeseJohn Reese

"John Carlton is one of the best marketers in marketing HISTORY. I have learned a ton from him... and you should soak up everything from him that you can. It will only help you make more money from your Internet marketing efforts."

[Full Disclosure: We did not know or work with John Reese when he sent in this quote. We are now affiliates and colleagues.]

Jonathan Mitchell

$29,000 In New Business Since Completing The Course

"The Simple Writing System course was awesome... Overall, it was a great learning experience. We have closed over $29,000 in new business since completing the course. Thanks a lot."

Andrew RondeauAndrew RondeauWeBuildYourBlog.com

Best Investment I've Ever Made

"Best value course I have ever purchased... overall - great course, great value for money, expert feedback - I liked the structure. I have spent thousands of dollars on "internet related" products and in the past I have been personally mentored by not one but 2 'world famous' Internet Marketers (who charge even more thousands of dollars)...and this SWS course beats everything...it is the BEST EVER investment I made. I tell you what really pisses me off - I have spent thousands of dollars being mentored by so-called 'famous household' Internet Marketers and not one of them has suggested what you have John, not one!"

Chris McCombsChris McCombsChrisMcCombs.net

Earning a High Six-Figures Annually Online

"Before I discovered John Carlton I had NO IDEA how to write good copy... and I'll admit I was pretty skeptical about investing in his programs because it just didn't seem possible that I would be able to influence people with print like John does.

Well let me tell you that John's teachings have not only helped me increase conversions by over 511%, but John has been one of the backbones to me earning a high six-figures annually online.

Not only do I use John's strategies in my sales copy and videos, but his tactics have also helped me develop a cult-like following on my blog, making my blog the #1 blog AND website in the world in my niche where I'm able to get as many as 8039 visitors to my blog in one day all from free traffic sources... THAT is the power of the influential writing tactics John showed me how to do.

I love waking up and seeing all the money roll in my bank account... even while I'm off doing whatever the hell it is I want to do"

Jorge Garcia

"The SWS is an unbelievable, bullet-proof plan for composing the hands-down best copy I've ever written."

"I've been in the freelancing game for 7 years now and always had trouble putting things together. I've got it all: ADHD OCD BP ETC, so perfectionism and a short attention span blasted my workflow to pieces with my previous clients. SWS forces me to sit down, focus on making the cogs, and helps me put together a selling machine.

In ONE DAY I tweaked my Upwork.com profile and I started getting inundated with work requests. It was like no other copywriter had a page quite as sharp as mine. My request inbox was so loaded up I had to turn down several jobs a week. Upwork gave me top-rated status the following week based on how much work and 5-star ratings I was getting. I had to start sending people to my website to get in line for a chance to work with me.

Now I'm charging three times my previous hourly rate and clients are paying my per-project fee. I can't thank you enough for this system. As a fiction writer turned copywriter, it is the one writing tutorial that's actually worked for someone with my thinking patterns.

You should change the acronym from SWS to ROI. I'm making three times as much on freelance projects as I used to and now I HAVE TO TURN DOWN JOBS ON A WEEKLY BASIS. My new copy is bursting at the seams with an irresistible voice and pinpoint salesmanship and people are seeking ME out to work with them (and paying me much more than the other guys). No other book or course comes close. This is the end-all, be-all for copywriting courses.

Thanks a ton for everything."

Alex MandossianAlex MandossianMarketingOnline.com

John Carlton is a world-class copywriter, teacher, and trainer.

He doesn't just tell you how to do it. He doesn't just show you how to do it. He involves you so you learn and you burn those ideas into your mind so that you pick up his strategies and techniques... and the way to apply the psychology of world-class copy.

Most copywriters just write about writing copy. John shows you how to get deep... How to bury your mind into the mind of your prospect.

I want to thank John Carlton from the bottom of my heart. I give John my highest endorsement.

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