How to write a pretty darn good ad... in the time it takes to enjoy a pint of your favorite beverage.

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John Carlton is known as “the most ripped-off writer on the Web” and “the most respected copywriting teacher alive”. The list of well-known marketers who freely reference John as their primary mentor for writing sales messages is staggering.

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Lorrie Morgan Simple Writing System

About Lorrie Morgan...

Lorrie is an industry trailblazer in the world of direct response marketing and one of a handful of female copywriters to buck the “old boy’s network”. She's frequently a guest expert at John's exclusive mastermind meetings and is one of the original teachers in the Simple Writing System. 

➡️ In just three lessons, you'll learn more about selling than you would in most paid copywriting courses.

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4) By the time your glass is empty, you'll have a first draft of what may be the most powerful ad you've ever written.

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Can the Pint of Beer Ad Challenge Help You Increase Your Sales?

Entrepreneur (Online, Offline, Global or Local)

Whatever it is you’re selling… you need copy.  Devastatingly-effective, classic direct response copy, delivered with “wake you up” verve and excitement and irresistible closes (just like the greatest salesmen in the world write it).  It’s the one key to success that can never be taken from you.  (Plus, you’ll finally know what to look for when you hire a copywriter. 

Aspiring Copywriter

Looking to start a fabulous career dripping with wealth and notoriety as a direct response copywriter… or just looking to polish your skills?  This interactive coaching has launched mobs of newbie (and veteran-but-struggling) copywriters into lavish new careers and global fame… writing for every major industry out there.

“I have no time” 
Business Owner

You don’t have time to work on your website?  Fine - so why not just shortcut the process by mastering the few simple skills of quickly creating a killer sales message yourself… so you stop blowing fortunes on design and technology that don’t produce results (cuz your copy sucks)!  Learning these easy tactics actually puts massive time BACK into your day, and eliminates mountains of BS, instantly.

What Are Others Saying About John Carlton and The Simple Writing System?

Ken CalhounKen

Sold Out The Show

"You inspired me to write a new pitch to my house list, using your tactics... and it generated a near-DOUBLE response rate (over 203 requests in under 24 hours, at $495 a pop). Sold out the show."

Joe PolishJoe PolishPiranha Marketing, co-host of iLoveMarketing podcast

"Phenomenal content. Of all the marketing, advertising and copywriting experts I pay attention to, John Carlton is by far the most articulate and passionate and knowledgeable (and funny). I get more value just from your hilarious, ballsy stories alone than from the serious efforts of most other gurus. Man, you've helped my advertising get wicked-good."

[Full Disclosure: Joe has been a trusted colleague for many years.]

Michael JansMichael JansPresident, Insurance Profit Systems, Inc.

"I study Carlton's copy like a 14 year-old boy reads Playboy. Completely dazzled, entranced and full of desire. I've read hundreds of books on marketing and copywriting and make my living with it... so I know how to separate the wheat from the chaff in this business. Every time I think I've hit the nail on the head with my copy, I read one of John's letters and realize how much farther I could go. Ouch... it hurts to say that... but it's true."

Holly LisleHolly Lisle

“I was up against the wall, out of time, pressed for money, stressed beyond belief. Launch day was March 12. I went live without testimonials because I ran out of time.

Then the sales started... And got faster, and faster.

Thirty-six hours later, my results were four times better than what I needed to dig out of the hole, and twice what I'd hoped for in my best-case scenario. I'm going to be okay. I could not have done this without your help, John. Thank you!"

Paul Greig SmithPaul Greig Smith

12 sales in 22 hours on a $4000 offer!!

I was inspired by The Simple Writing System lesson on "Turbulence."

I went through it carefully (and poured over John's Power Words Report) before crafting the final call to action.

I made at least a dozen edits. Kept reading it aloud.

I was still nervous. A little unsure. So I sent the email to just part of my list.

12 sales in 22 hours on a $4000 offer!! (The entire trip sold out in a week.)

I couldn't believe it!

As the bookings came in, literally everyone said words to the effect of, "Bloody hell Paul, I wouldn't miss that for the world!"

"Turbulence" really worked!

Thanks, John!

Kamron KaringtonKamron

$25 Per Minute!

"John, I made over $25 per minute using JUST your "power words" list. Increased click-throughs by 107%, and stuffed $10,500 in my pocket while sipping my morning coffee, using your tactics to rewrite some lame headlines for a client."

Ernie SvensonErnie

"To be honest, even though I have massive respect for John Carlton and everything he does, I was hesitant about signing up because I was afraid I'd be somehow disappointed.

But, after having run the gauntlet I can say... The SWS course was everything I secretly hoped it would be: practical, hands-on, inspiring, challenging, enlightening, thoroughly enjoyable, and definitely profitable.

Thank you SO much for offering this exceptional course, and for making it so convenient to learn copywriting from the best in the biz."

Michael RichesonMichael RichesonNewberg, OR

"Brought in more than a dozen high-ticket members ($4,000+ each)."

"I read "Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets" a few months ago. It was so good I bought the Simple Writing System course. A couple weeks ago I had a chance to put it all together for a client of mine. Using what I learned, I wrote a Facebook ad, a 3,000-word sales letter, and an email sequence.

The ad finished with a 6 percent CTR, the sales letter had a nearly 30 percent completion rate, and the email sequence (so far) has brought in more than a dozen high-ticket members ($4,000+ each). All from a $150 ad spend.

No way I could've pulled that off without John’s book and course. Thanks for all the valuable info!"

John OrbanJohn

I’ve got to say, this SWS stuff is lightning in a bottle! I never even knew this world existed a year ago. I feel like I’m walking with giants! THANK YOU!

Chris PayneChris, United Kingdom

Profits Through The Roof

"I used Carlton's tactics in my advertising online, and profits went through the roof. That meant we could move into a bigger house, and I've kit it out with the most amazing high-tech gear. I would not be here today without John's help"

John ReeseJohn Reese

"John Carlton is one of the best marketers in marketing HISTORY. I have learned a ton from him... and you should soak up everything from him that you can. It will only help you make more money from your Internet marketing efforts."

[Full Disclosure: We did not know or work with John Reese when he sent in this quote. We are now affiliates and colleagues.]

Daryl ThompsonDaryl

"Quitting My Cushy 6-Figure Job"

"Our investment education business went from $50k a year in sales to over $200k in six months, thanks to John Carlton (and a hot webmaster from Houston). Thanks to what I've learned, I'm quitting my cushy six-figure a year job to go full-time in this new business!"

Peter IppolitoPeter IppolitoSan Salvador -

We have a top "Daily Deal" site in El Salvador and Guatemala that sells big discount coupons for restaurants, hair salons, mechanics, hotels, etc.

Inspired by what Carlton teaches about "One-Two Punch Bullets" in the SWS, last week we split-test the bullets we've been using on three of our offers.

The results were wild. All 3 resulted in a statistically significant increase in sales.

Argentinian Sausage Sandwiches: 12% increase over the control

Hotel and Spa Day: 28% increase over the control

Weight Loss Treatment: 85% increase over the control

We didn't change anything else. Just the 4-5 bullets near the top of the page.

Goes to show that copy REALLY matters.

The testimonials and case studies on this page are, to the best of our ability to determine, all true and accurate. They were provided willingly, without any compensation offered in return. These testimonials and case studies do not represent typical or average results. Most customers do not contact us or offer to share their results, nor are they required or expected to. Therefore, we have no way to determine what typical or average results have been. Many people do not implement anything we teach them. We can't make anyone follow our advice, and we obviously can't promise that our advice, as interpreted and implemented by everyone, is going to achieve for everyone the kinds of results it's helped the folks on this page achieve. The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, marketing background, product, effort and motivation to work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.

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