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For Simple Writing System Coaching Graduates only…
The fastest way to optimize your copywriting chops!


Unlock Your Killer Copywriting Skills and Selling Power with Advanced Coaching

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Get top-tier, pro-level copywriting coaching and mentoring from a long-time professional copywriter and teacher…

Delivered exactly when you need it…

Without any long-term contracts or commitments.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”16″ font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23000000″]Hi there… Stan Dahl here.

John Carlton’s business partner and co-creator of The Simple Writing System.

I share this page with SWS Coaching Program Graduates only.  We don’t have the time to make this offer to wannabees who have not invested in themselves to learn how to construct winning ads.

As a graduate of the SWS Coaching Program, you’ve gained the skill-set, copywriting chops, and insights to take your place among a select group of copywriters, freelancers, and professional marketers.




Mark – Rewrite or delete this section.  Not helping them decide to sign up.

On SWS graduation, you felt the rush of accomplishment, knew the potential, and you’re “ready to rock”. Many students have a pause and think, “How do I bring all the SWS instruction together in the real-world?”

“I want to create great portfolio samples, I have projects on my plate, and web content to write.”

“So what do I do now?”

If these thoughts are swirling in your mind… then I have unique offer just right for you.


Take Your Copywriting Chops to the Next Level of Power and Profitability!

If you would like some help refining your copywriting skills into a razor-sharp, cash-pulling tool, this is the perfect solution to bring it all together.

SWS Graduate Coaching is a very intimate, dynamic method of instruction and mentoring.

It brings the SWS principles to life for ANY copywriting challenge you want to bring to the table!

Here’s how it works…

You are paired with one of our professional SWS instructors.  Someone with years of experience as both a copywriter and a coach / mentor.

You’ll work with your coach on any piece of copy you like.  Sales letters, VSL’s, squeeze pages, e-mail sequences, social media marketing… whatever you’ve got (or want to start working on.)

Unless SWS Coaching, there is no fixed order or process you’ll have to follow.  Since this is private coaching, you can focus on any section of your copy, in whatever order you choose.

Any copywriting you desire can go into the spot-light for fine-tuning and optimization.

Bring it on…the playing field is wide-open!

The best current online communication tools like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet-Up are used to their full potential. You can share screens with your instructor, and enjoy a FULL visual and audio experience in “real-time”.

You’ll see revisions, tweaks, and fresh copy solutions come to life during your “live sessions.” On request, your instructor can record it all as an MP4 for future reference.

This is very unique one-on-one mentoring…it goes deep…and it delivers real inspiration to write your own compelling copy.

You’ll be pleased to hear there are NO commitments on SWS Grad Coaching. You can have as little…or as much as you like!

By now, you’re probably wondering how much SWS Grad Coaching is going to cost you.

As I “shouted out” in the headline, it’s VERY affordable and a terrific value. Many “copy coaches” charge up to $1800.00 an hour, but I’m locking SWS 2.0 Grad Coaching in at a great, affordable price point.

Here it is…

80 minutes of SWS 2.0 Grad Coaching – $400.00

As an option, you can choose a month’s worth of SWS 2.0 Grad Coaching (four 80 minute sessions) at the special price of $1400.00

For legions of SWS graduates, SWS Grad coaching has proven to be a fast, accelerated way to bring all of their copywriting brilliance into play…and you’re helped every step of the way by a dedicated
SWS Grad instructor.

Here’s what you do now…

As an SWS graduate, you’ve already “in the loop”. Get in touch with Anne via email, mention which SWS classroom you were in, and schedule your session.

Please use this special “fast action” e-mail address for rapid response.

You’ll get a return e-mail detailing your payment options. You’ll also get a short questionnaire to let your SWS Grad instructor know your expectations and goals.

Along with your SWS graduation, the exclusive level of expert SWS Grad Coaching will pay you back for richly for years to come!

To your success,
Stan Dahl
Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club and The Simple Writing System[/text_block]


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Click Here To Get Started…

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Don’t Miss a Single Lesson…



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IMPORTANT: Spaces in the Simple Writing System Graduate Coaching Program are VERY LIMITED. All of our coaches are working professional copywriters. They have time for only a few private coaching clients each month.  Please reserve your spot today to avoid being placed on a waiting list.



Andrew RondeauAndrew

Best Investment I’ve Ever Made

“Best value course I have ever purchased… overall – great course, great value for money, expert feedback – I liked the structure. I have spent thousands of dollars on “internet related” products and in the past I have been personally mentored by not one but 2 ‘world famous’ Internet Marketers (who charge even more thousands of dollars)…and this SWS course beats everything…it is the BEST EVER investment I made. I tell you what really pisses me off – I have spent thousands of dollars being mentored by so-called ‘famous household’ Internet Marketers and not one of them has suggested what you have John, not one!”

Chris MilkieMilwaukee, WI

In the middle of the SWS I reinvented an ad for a weight loss biz and the phones went from lukewarm to SIZZLIN’.

Thank you John!!

Adam CloetAdam

“Over 6 figures/year into my pocket.”

“For me… Copywriting was my lacking skill…

I never knew how to write effective copy, and John you’ve done a GREAT job… the SWS blows away any “system” I’ve seen in a long time. It’s pretty much idiot proof.

To top it off, my motivation after this course has never been so high… Since starting it I’ve sold 2 new franchisees (which adds over 6 figures/year into my pocket. I’m starting to blast off writing follow up sequences….I’ve also finalized my entire franchise manual for all of my stores, and my web guy is starting to build a new website for my retail stores and will use your copywriting to make it smash the competition as well as build an avenue through the site to franchise even more…

I can’t thank you enough… this is a program geared for REAL business minded people… it’s the real deal… not some fancy, full of fluff, way of repackaging old basic marketing. Thanks John!”

Sean QuinnSean Quinn

“In Northern Ireland, bricks and mortar businesses are beginning to realize they need to evolve. So I’m writing their sales and marketing funnels, from opt-in video scripts, free reports, direct response letters, to posts and emails for nurturing campaigns.

Good copy and sales funnels are a whole new concept to almost all of them, which gives me an endless stream of prospects.

At last it’s paying off.

The Simple Writing System Coaching (and persistence) has given me the advantage over other copywriters, but I keep cool, and stay modest.

What I’ve learned from you means I know how to can help clients in almost any industry.

My thanks to you and John.”

Dean Hohn

Transformed My Website Copy

“As a newbie to copywriting, John and Mark taught me in the Simple Writing System how to target my thoughts and refine my writing in a way to tell a story that will hold a reader’s attention, which I didn’t do before. That has totally transformed my website script from what I had when I started to what it is now. I want to thank you John, all the team, for your guidance, help, and genuine support. You gave me the feeling that I really mattered as an individual and you personally wanted to help me in my copywriting journey.”

Ben CummingsBen CummingsPark Place Publishing, NY

“I Stalk Your Ads”

“Dear John: Your strategies have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I consider your copywriting to be so influential on my success, that I’ve literally stalked your ads and sales letters, purchased countless products and services to get on lists… solely so I could collect (and study) the sales letters that you write. This practice has been like a real-world ‘Harvard Business School’ education for me. And I know dozens of millionaire business people and successful “guru’s” that quietly keep an eye on you, follow all that you do, and consider you a major influence on their success.”


“Before SWS I was hesitant about writing a sales letter because I had no one with marketing knowledge that could give me feedback. Now I have a system. Thanks SWS crew!”

Chris McCombsChris

Earning a High Six-Figures Annually Online

“Before I discovered John Carlton I had NO IDEA how to write good copy… and I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical about investing in his programs because it just didn’t seem possible that I would be able to influence people with print like John does.

Well let me tell you that John’s teachings have not only helped me increase conversions by over 511%, but John has been one of the backbones to me earning a high six-figures annually online.

Not only do I use John’s strategies in my sales copy and videos, but his tactics have also helped me develop a cult-like following on my blog, making my blog the #1 blog AND website in the world in my niche where I’m able to get as many as 8039 visitors to my blog in one day all from free traffic sources… THAT is the power of the influential writing tactics John showed me how to do.

I love waking up and seeing all the money roll in my bank account… even while I’m off doing whatever the hell it is I want to do”

Craig WoolvenCraig WoolvenSydney, Australia

“Your Simple Writing System has instantly turbo-charged my sales letters. $11,000 of new business in 48 hours using just a few of your wickedly effective sales strategies.

John, your Simple Writing System is my step-by-step blueprint for writing killer, kick-ass sales letters. At last, a simple step-by-step system that pulls together all the elements of writing sizzling, money-in-the-bank sales letters.

The videos explain exactly what to do… the workbook is chock-a-block-full of real world examples and my personal tutor made sure I nailed every exercise. Your red-hot team of million dollar writing tutors delivered the personal attention needed to catapult my writing skills to a whole new level.

I now know what to say and exactly how to write it. Powerful, laser targeted sales copy at my fingertips using your step-by step process. Absolutely awesome — thanks John.”

Peter IppolitoPeter IppolitoSan Salvador –

We have top a “Daily Deal” site in El Salvador and Guatemala that sells big discount coupons for restaurants, hair salons, mechanics, hotels, etc.

Inspired by what Carton teaches about “One-Two Punch Bullets” in the SWS, last week we split-test the bullets we’ve been using on three of our offers.

The results were wild. All 3 resulted in a statistically significant increase in sales.

Argentinian Sausage Sandwiches: 12% increase over the control

Hotel and Spa Day: 28% increase over the control

Weight Loss Treatment: 85% increase over the control

We didn’t change anything else. Just the 4-5 bullets near the top of the page.

Goes to show that copy REALLY matters.

I was made redundant from my job the day after I signed up for Simple Writing System with John – and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

Within a few days of taking this course, it was clear I never had to apply for another 9-5 position again.

After the SWS and John’s coaching (and sometimes… outright slaps upside the head), I’ve now got the tools to write a winning sales message ingrained in me.

Success in my freelance copywriting career – and happiness in life – will all come back to what I learned from John.

That’s not an overstatement… there’s a reason he’s referred to as "the best copywriting teacher on the planet."

I immediately started putting what I learned into practice, earning thousands of dollars before I was even finished the course.

The price of entry is literally a bargain for the transformation that will occur in your writing and business.

If you’re serious about taking your copywriting skills up to the level of “scary good”, I can’t recommend the Simple Writing System Coaching Program enough.

Harlan KilsteinHarlan

Million-Dollar Advice

“John’s first critique of my copy was a shock — I thought I was pretty darned good, but he told me to rip it up and start over from scratch, using his specific advice.

I’m glad I had the sense to listen — my first year, with John’s advice stinging in my ears, I earned over $350,000. And this year, I’m bringing in a cool million.

Disclosure: Harlan’s arguably John Carlton’s most tenacious and successful student. He’s one of the Simple Writing System’s top coaches.

Jazmin Onyx

“John Carlton’s Simple Writing Course truly is an opportunity of a lifetime that will result in that one defining moment that you will look back on for the rest of your life resulting in the breakthrough you have always looked for but didn’t know how to find.

If you don’t take advantage of this course, you are missing out on one of the most powerful tools anyone can ever acquire – to be applied to almost any goal you wish to attain.

If you let it pass you by, then you will be kicking yourself in the ass for a really long time.

Every promise made exceeds expectations and the over delivery of value is worth many times the price of the course. John’s coaches are a “brain trust” unequalled anywhere else in the marketplace.

You will truly be learning from the Masters of the Craft. Learning Copywriting from John Carlton is like learning guitar from Eric Clapton. It is an honor and a privilege to be his student.”

Otto TrommOtto Tromm

3 Times ROI With New Skills

I just sold my most expensive screen ever. And, it was due to HOW I sold it with copy skills. Why am I so sure: – it was to a new customer – in a country where people are known for their fondness of bargain hunting – I am sure we had the most expensive offer (competitors offer a similar size screen at a third of the price) – it was the first time that such a screen was sold from a web inquiry. Wanna know how expensive the screen was? 25,000 euro (or about 35K in US$) without shipping or installation.

So thanks guys (David and John), I just made my investment in the Simple Writing System back 3 times on this order alone.”

Jorge Garcia

“The SWS is an unbelievable, bullet-proof plan for composing the hands-down best copy I’ve ever written.”

“I’ve been in the freelancing game for 7 years now and always had trouble putting things together. I’ve got it all: ADHD OCD BP ETC, so perfectionism and a short attention span blasted my workflow to pieces with my previous clients. SWS forces me to sit down, focus on making the cogs, and helps me put together a selling machine.

In ONE DAY I tweaked my profile and I started getting inundated with work requests. It was like no other copywriter had a page quite as sharp as mine. My request inbox was so loaded up I had to turn down several jobs a week. Upwork gave me top-rated status the following week based on how much work and 5-star ratings I was getting. I had to start sending people to my website to get in line for a chance to work with me.

Now I’m charging three times my previous hourly rate and clients are paying my per-project fee. I can’t thank you enough for this system. As a fiction writer turned copywriter, it is the one writing tutorial that’s actually worked for someone with my thinking patterns.

You should change the acronym from SWS to ROI. I’m making three times as much on freelance projects as I used to and now I HAVE TO TURN DOWN JOBS ON A WEEKLY BASIS. My new copy is bursting at the seams with an irresistible voice and pinpoint salesmanship and people are seeking ME out to work with them (and paying me much more than the other guys). No other book or course comes close. This is the end-all, be-all for copywriting courses.

Thanks a ton for everything.”


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The testimonials and case studies on this page are, to the best of our ability to determine, all true and accurate. They were provided willingly, without any compensation offered in return. These testimonials and case studies do not represent typical or average results. Most customers do not contact us or offer to share their results, nor are they required or expected to. Therefore, we have no way to determine what typical or average results have been. Many people do not implement anything we teach them. We can’t make anyone follow our advice, and we obviously can’t promise that our advice, as interpreted and implemented by everyone, is going to achieve for everyone the kinds of results it’s helped the folks on this page achieve. The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual’s success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, marketing background, product, effort and motivation to work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.