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And thanks so much for signing in.

You’re going to love the super-cool stuff revealed by my Simple Writing System Express Course.

This process of getting into the course is VERY simple:

1. First, check your inbox. An email from me, asking you to confirm your email address, should be there within a minute or so. (It was sent automatically.)

2. When you get that email (which has the subject line “For fast SWS Express Course access, please confirm…”), just click the link and you’re confirmed.

3. Clicking that link also automatically zips you to the first Express lesson. (Your bonuses and access to the “Storytelling For Maximum Selling” video will arrive soon after.)

This simple confirmation process protects both of us from unwanted spam emails. It’s a good thing, and takes just an extra couple of seconds.

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  1. How do I get started with Lesson #1 of The Simple Writing System Express Course? Look for the email we just sent you.  It should arrive within just a few minutes. It’s from “John Carlton” and the subject is “SWS Express Course”. If you don’t find it in your inbox, look in your spam/bulk folder.If you find it in your spam/bulk folder, please whitelist it or add us to your contact list. That way you won’t miss any of the lessons to follow.Open that email and click on the “Confirm Your Email Address” link.  As soon as you that, we’ll send you a 2nd email. That email contains the links to the SWS Express Course and all of the bonus material.If you’ve looked high and low and can’t find the email, just head back to and re-register. There’s always a chance you mistyped your email address.
  2. How will I  know when other lessons are available? We’ll send you at least one email reminder for each lesson. Remember that this SWS Express Course is available for just a few days.  So when you get one of those emails, don’t put off coming back to this site for your free training.Also, if you take full advantage of this free program and post an exercise for our the SWS Instructors to review, you’ll want to check back every day to see if your post was one of the one’s selected for personal feedback.We can’t reply to every post, so even if you don’t get a reply, you’ll pick up a lot of great sales-closing & money-making tips by reading through the comments.
  3. My question isn’t covered here.  Help? Hop on over to my customer support site – – and open a ticket. Things get very busy during launches, but if you ask a question we can answer, we’ll get back to you in no more than 1-2 business days.  (Yes, I give my support folks some time off for weekends and holidays.)

On behalf of the entire Marketing Rebel team, we’re very happy you’ve decided to join us for the Simple Writing System Express Course.  Dive in. Learn a lot. Put some of it work. And make yourself some money.

To your success,

Stan Dahl
CEO, Marketing Rebel LLC[/text_block]