Waiting List For Coaching – Thank You

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Thanks for signing up on our Waiting List.

Be sure to check your email inbox — we’ll be in touch if we
find you a spot (and we’re trying very hard to do that).


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Meanwhile…

… while you’re waiting to see if you get into one of the coaching spots, why not order the Simple Writing System “home study course” version right now. This is the same outstanding package of materials (including all bonuses, the main Workbook, and complete access to the same video we’re using in the coaching classes)…

… however, this “home study course” is designed for you to go through it on your own schedule. At home. Without the expense and time-boxed coaching of the full program.

So you’ll save money, right now. You’ll get the exact same materials everyone else has. You can dive right into the entire program, on your own schedule, and learn at your own pace… at home

Plus: If we DO get you a spot in one of the coaching program classes… you can simply pay the difference, and enjoy the hands-on, personalized coaching from a professional copywriter teaching the course.

So you win, either way. The coaching is great, and I recommend it IF you can get into a class (and the extra money for your personal mentoring isn’t a problem). However, the SWS is strategically designed to ALSO be the perfect at-home, “do it on your own” learning system… when coaching isn’t an option.

We’ve had around equal numbers of students go through the full-on coaching program, and the at-home non-coached version. Both get rave reviews.

And you never pay more than other students if you do upgrade to the coaching. We’ve made this as fair as possible. (You also get a generous guarantee of satisfaction, so you don’t risk anything.)

Here’s what to do, if you want the SWS course materials now:

Click here now, and we’ll take you to the special webpage where you can get all your questions answered on the at-home course, and order when you’re ready. There is no obligation right now — just check things out, while you’re waiting to see if we can get you into a class. You can dive into the entire Simple Writing System program as soon as your materials arrive (we ship quickly)…

… and, if you do get into a class, we’ll handle the details. (You’ll be welcomed with open arms into your classroom, too.)

Please don’t procrastinate on this. You have a guarantee, and this really is the perfect way to get a head-start on the program, now, regardless of whether you get into a coached slot.

You’re going to love this program.

Thanks. And I hope we can find you a slot in the sold-out coaching program.


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