Bonus Report 2

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Simple Writing System Basics — “Making The Sale” Lesson #2


How The Simple Addition Of Real
Personality Can Bind Customers
To You Forever.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]From: John Carlton
“The most ripped-off and respected copywriter alive.”Howdy…This lesson in advanced, “take no prisoners” style marketing may be the most powerful wealth-accumulation tactic you ever learn.

It’s simple, and it’s basic: Your number one weapon in advertising, especially on-line, will always be superior salesmanship.

This is the mostly-overlooked art of (1) figuring out what your prospect desperately desires… (2) earning his trust and establishing your credibility… and (3) delivering your sales message in a way that nails his “passionate sweet spot of need.”

This should be common sense for all marketers… and yet it will be your secret weapon. Because most of your competition will forever ignore the fundamentals of good salesmanship, or screw it up (since they’ve never bothered to pay attention to the lessons).

It’s relatively easy to create an ad that gets a prospect to say “Hey, that sounds like a great product”. But that doesn’t mean they will become a customer.

No. What you want your prospect to say — after experiencing your sales pitch — is “Wow! How do I get one of those?”

All buying decisions are made in an emotional part of your prospect’s brain. He may explain his purchase in rational terms, giving you reasons why he considered it a great deal.

But getting someone to take money out of their wallet to pay for something is a much more complex process.

You don’t have to understand the biology or chemistry that goes on… but you DO have to realize that closing any deal requires a little skill.

It’s not difficult. But it’s not something most people naturally learn to do.

There are a few key secrets to salesmanship that — once you master them — will guarantee that EVERY sales pitch you create is empowered to close the deal.

That’s how fortunes are made.

However, most marketers “sell from their heels”… meaning, they blow it when it comes down to asking for money. They mumble and stumble and often just blurt out the price, without helping the prospect position this purchase in his mind.

The marketing graveyard is crammed with great products that failed because the advertising didn’t elicit that all-important desire to buy RIGHT NOW.

However, when you master the basics of great salesmanship, you can persuade a prospect to desperately desire a product he didn’t even know existed before he came across your ad.

Whatever results you’re getting will instantly be multiplied many times, as soon as you apply the secrets of great salesmanship.

Now, I was not a “born salesman.”

I had to learn the hard way, making embarrassing mistakes, blowing deals right and left… and going to outrageous extremes to find world-class salesmen who would teach me their tricks.

I’m going to share one of those killer tricks with you now. A proven multiplier of sales to use on your web pages and emails is…


A good, solid sales page will bring you orders. Add some personality to your sales message, however… and sales go through the roof.

I recently wrote a short note for a client who was contacting his “inactive list”, trying to stir something up. I insisted that the client personalize each note with the prospect’s name.

Here is how the letter starts out to, say, Bob Jones:

– – – – –

Dear Bob,

Just now, I was sitting at my desk going through some stuff, and I had a sudden thought. So I called out to my long-suffering secretary…

“Hey Barb! What the heck happened to Bob Jones?”

As far as we know, Bob, you’re still alive and kicking. But we haven’t heard from you…

– – – – –

Now, let’s dwell on this opening for a second. Most advertisers — if they had the sense to email inactive former customers at all — would have adopted a holier-than-thou tone that reads like the warning label on a bottle of medicine:

– – – – –

Dear Mr. Smith,

It has come to our attention that your account has become inactive blah blah blah

– – – – –

Yeah, I wonder why that customer stopped paying attention.

Now go back to what I did.

I created a scene, complete with some drama and script and — very important-excellent use of the guy’s name.

It’s lighthearted, yet still brutally-effective salesmanship. It also doesn’t go on and on. Just a brief, personalized little dash of slang-driven personality.

Now here’s the kicker:

If you can inject some personality into your emails and web pages and letters… you’ll be light years ahead of the competition.

The client above took the leash off me years ago, and I have created a personality in his copy that keep readership at astonishingly high levels.

He’s a funny guy anyway, but he’s not a writer, and has never attempted to translate his own personality to his marketing. So he pays me a fortune to do it for him.

When people on his list get an email or letter from him the response is not “Oh, yuck, another sales pitch”, but…

“Hey! Let’s see what outrageous story
he’s got to tell me today.”

Personality works. It will multiply your sales.

People are inundated with SPAM and boring websites and bad radio, TV and print ads all day long.

It’s good salesmanship to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. Most people live lives of quiet desperation. They don’t get to do anything interesting, go anywhere interesting, or hang out with interesting people.


So that’s your opening: Be the ONE thing he reads today that really gets his blood moving.

Be the one marketer who says something worthwhile and exciting… and your customers will reward you handsomely.

This gives you the opportunity to become the “go to” guy in your niche — the dude who knows what he’s talking about, and talks about it in interesting ways.

People don’t want to deal with anonymous corporations, or marketers who sound like they have a bug up their butt.

Trust is a hard thing to manufacture — but it’s a heck of a lot easier when you allow your prospect to see that he’s dealing with someone who shares his passions, understands his situation, and communicates without nonsense.

People like to deal with people.

Especially people who have a little personality. Think of the emails you get each day — there are surely some people in your world whose emails you open immediately, happy to see them in your inbox.

And probably, it’s because you enjoy reading email from those people. They have something to say, and you love hearing from them.

This is personality in action.

That’s it for this lesson.

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Stay frosty…

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