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Here’s an insider secret the expensive big ad agencies
don’t want you to discover…


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“How To Create Your First
Darn Good Ad…
In Just 9 Minutes.”


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You don’t even have to actually write it. This is a tested and proven shortcut
that is working right now for successful and super-savvy entrepreneurs to
bring in proven profits.

It’s fast… it’s simple, it’s easy…

and you’re about to discover how to do it yourself.  For free.



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Hi… I’m John Carlton.john-carlton-on-stage

You can time this if you want. Nine minutes is all you need.

For many years now, I’ve been teaching people with absolutely zero advertising or marketing experience (not to mention a fear of trying to write anything) how to create their very first ad that actually works.

Facebook ads… YouTube videos… the landing and sales pages on your website… doesn’t matter.

In just minutes, you’re going to be “armed to the teeth” with a killer ad that cuts through the mumbling, brings in sales, and turns reluctant looky-loo’s into paying customers.

Writing a good ad isn’t rocket science. But if you want to get truly efficient and effective, there are a few simple secrets to discover first.

Once you know the secrets, everything else is just ridiculously easy. This is a critical tactic in every world-class copywriter’s Bag of Tricks. It lays bare the fundamental elements of a great pitch.

Plus, it eliminates “writer’s block”. Rookie marketers sometimes spend hours staring at a blank screen, without a clue how to even begin their ad. This tactic scoots you right past those clueless panic attacks, and gives you a blueprint for beginning, and finishing, an ad that will do the job.[/text_block]

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Let’s get started, shall we?You can start your watch.

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You’re just 9 minutes away from the best ad you’ve ever written…

You’ll use this simple 3-step formula over and over again.

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Who the heck is John Carlton?


[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]john-carlton-profileFor the last few decades, I’ve been one of the most recognized, sought-after, and ripped-off experts in direct response marketing.

I started out as a hot-shot copywriter… earning outrageous fees and global notoriety as one of the few writers in the game who could transform marketing campaigns into huge winners.

… And for almost 20 years now I’ve TAUGHT thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners how to explode their bottom line by creating their own killer sales messages.

This includes many of the most famous marketers you’ve heard of online. They openly credit me with helping them finally understand how to open the cashflow floodgates…

… in the simplest and fastest way possible.

There are 2 reasons for my unequaled success as a teacher:

One: I have vast experience in almost every market you can think of…

… and Two: I figured out a long time ago…

… how to remove the mystery about creating marketing and advertising that works…

What’s more… I’ve proven I can teach ANYONE how to quickly and easily create ALL the writing you need done…

… Including all your websites, your social media campaigns, your video scripts, your emails…

… and everything else necessary to put your life and your business on the fast track to big-time success.

Plus… I know how to make the entire process… FUN.

All of this good stuff…

… the expertise I can share with you…

… the awesome skills I can trick you into mastering — no matter how stubborn a student you are…

… and the short-cuts to making your business work like crazy…

… are all included in a wildly successful program I call The Simple Writing System.

If you give me a chance, I’d like to share with you a mini-version of the SWS.  I call this free training, “How To Create Your First Darn Good Ad… In Just 9 Minutes”.

Enter your email address in this box and we’ll begin.[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Why is John Carlton offering this free training?


[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]I’m going to show you how easy it can be to unleash your own Inner Salesman…

So you can experience the power of being able to persuade prospects…

… and actually sell lots of stuff, starting immediately.

And do it without being pushy, or obnoxious, or weird, or any of the other negative images that probably popped into your head when you heard the word “salesman”.

Just relax, and let me show you a couple of very simple and easy-to-implement short-cuts…

… that will instantly empower you to bring in more money…

… more confidently…

… while making your customers really, really happy.

And you can learn these short-cuts… in just 9 minutes …

… for FREE.

Why am I doing this?

Couple of excellent reasons.

First, I want to make it obvious that this thing called “The Sales Process”…

… really is something YOU can do…

… with integrity…

… with results that will explode your bottom line…

… and you can have fun pulling it off.

Cuz it IS fun when your business takes off.

But you can’t make it work with wishful thinking…

… or with whatever the latest Magic Fad is out there making the rounds.

There are marketers out there who want you to believe that closing the sale is really just “Voodoo”.

They want you to remain mystified by salesmanship…

… because that’s how they move THEIR product. Through fear and a belief that only they possess the mojo to make sales happen.

And it’s just nonsense.

I’ve taught the most stubborn, hard-to-teach people alive how to master the fundamentals of persuasion and getting prospects to act.

It’s not magic. It’s simply a set of skills that you don’t know about yet.

But the successful marketers and advertisers DO know these skills.

They know how to persuade people to opt-in to your list… to persuade people to eagerly devour what you offer…

… and they are VERY good at persuading people to take out their wallet and buy.

You do not come across these skills naturally.

All the top marketers you know about have had mentoring.

They learned the basics, the short-cuts, and the best possible ways to quickly and simply use their powers of persuasion to get their sales message out…

… and close the deal. Over and over and over again.


… I meet entrepreneurs and business owners all the time…

… who are absolutely terrified of the word “selling”…

… and the idea of “writing” anything.

Even though they KNOW that ALL the top marketers out there… especially online…

… know how to write their own ads, video scripts, emails and websites.

And when it’s really, really important…

… that’s what they do. Create the sales message themselves.

It ain’t rocket science.

But it does require a few moments of learning on your part.

And that’s what I intend to do here…

… by giving away some of the most potent short-cuts I’ve taught people…

… to completely transform your ability to create whatever message you need created…

… to start bringing in actual sales.

Knowing how to sell means you possess the ultimate tool for making your business work like crazy…

… no matter what market you’re in, or how the economy is doing, or anything else.

This is the key. Technological fads and “secret” magical money-making tricks will only break your heart.


… just allow me to give you a few honest short-cuts that will allow you to create a basic, killer sales message that actually gets results.

These are the same short-cuts the professionals use.

And you’ll finally understand how the marketers now crushing it with social media, viral videos, awesome launches, and ad campaigns…

… actually make it all work.

So here’s what to do now:

Just sign in with your best email address. The one you check every day.[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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The exact, simple short-cut to finally understanding how to begin communicating with your target market…
… so you can persuade them to realize that what you offer fits their needs…
…and you’re the one they should be dealing with.


[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]In that lesson, I’ll show you the exact simple short-cut to finally understanding how to begin communicating with your target market…

… so you can persuade them to realize that what you offer fits their needs…

… and you’re the guy they should be dealing with.

This free 9 Minute Ad training is less than 1% of what I have to teach you…

… however, it is a very POWERFUL 1%.

Enough to move you to the next level in creating sales messages that work.

As soon as you sign in…[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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EXTRA BONUS: How to get people to buy from you… using only stories you tell…


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I’ll also give you access a video of the entire presentation I gave at Frank Kern’s “Mass Control” event in San Diego. The presentation is called “Storytelling For Maximum Selling”.

It will open your eyes to the simple, easy and super-gratifying ways you can get people to buy from you…

… using only stories that you tell.

I don’t care how boring your current stories might be, either.

In this video, I’ll show you how to make all your stories rock out… So you get listened to… both by your prospects, and your friends and family, which is a big bonus…

… and you can use those stories to persuade people to act.

This presentation changed lives in his audience.

It’s a great opportunity to learn how to weave a compelling story that gets traction…

… from a guy who’s been teaching the best in the biz how to do it for decades.

But you gotta sign in first.

Your information is completely protected here. We don’t share it with anyone.

We just need your email so we can sent you this video and and the free training, “How To Create Your First Darn Good Ad… In Just 9 Minutes”.



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privacy We value your privacy.




Gary Halbert


“John is the first guy I call when I have a marketing problem. His insights and marketing prowess are unparalleled among the working advertising experts I know… and I know them all. The money available, when you learn what insiders like John has to share, is just insane. In my book, there is John… and no one else is even close.”

Dan Kennedy

Author, No B.S. Marketing Series

“John Carlton is a copywriter I would hire, and there are damn few of those. Further, I would pay to be in a room to learn from him, and there are even fewer people on that list.”

Terry Dean

Boosted sales by 70%

“Your headline suggestion for one of my web sites boosted sales by 70%! This equals an extra $3,000 every month…from ONE simple change. Thanks.”

Matt Marshall

freelance copywriter

Carlton Got Me FIRED

“I had a cush job at one of the world’s largest ad agencies. Then I found John’s materials, and discovered the how to SELL, not just win awards. The agency hated my new style and gave me the boot. Which was a good thing — my first year on my own, I’m on pace to earn FOUR TIMES my yearly salary at the agency. Thanks, John.”

Caleb O’Dowd


Pure Gold

“I’ve written pieces that have pulled in millions of dollars. Yet, when I sit down to write copy, I pull out my swipe file of John Carlton’s stuff, and study it like my life depended on it. He is one of the few true experts in advertising. Pure gold.”

Perry Marshall

Bestselling author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

John’s input on my website increased my flow of sales leads by 50%. Also, his advice to trash my sales letter and start fresh (with very specific instructions on how to do it) DOUBLED my sales conversion rate! He was right — this gets exciting, fast.”

Chris McCombs


Earning a High Six-Figures Annually Online

“Before I discovered John Carlton I had NO IDEA how to write good copy… and I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical about investing in his programs because it just didn’t seem possible that I would be able to influence people with print like John does.

Well let me tell you that John’s teachings have not only helped me increase conversions by over 511%, but John has been one of the backbones to me earning a high six-figures annually online.

Not only do I use John’s strategies in my sales copy and videos, but his tactics have also helped me develop a cult-like following on my blog, making my blog the #1 blog AND website in the world in my niche where I’m able to get as many as 8039 visitors to my blog in one day all from free traffic sources… THAT is the power of the influential writing tactics John showed me how to do.

I love waking up and seeing all the money roll in my bank account… even while I’m off doing whatever the hell it is I want to do”

John Reese

John Carlton is one of the best marketers in marketing HISTORY. I have learned a ton from him… and you should soak up everything from him that you can. It will only help you make more money from your Internet marketing efforts.”

John Lane


30% Boost In Conversions

“I have been using some of the things John teaches in our email campaigns for our free workshop and our attendance each week has gone up by about 40%. I also used some of his suggestions in the power point for the free workshop and our conversion rate to the paid workshop has increased by about 30%. We were converting about 5% to a $1,297 workshop, now we are just under 7% conversion.