3 – Close The Deal Day 3

John Carlton’s
Simple Writing System Express Course
Lesson #3 – Close The Deal

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Welcome to the third, final, and most powerful lesson of the SWS Express Course.

If you haven’t been through Lesson #1 and Lesson #2, you should go through them first.  Take a few minutes to watch those videos and review the exercise posts and John Carlton’s feedback.

This lesson is where the action is now.  John is hanging out and responding to posts on this page today.

Lesson #3 is where you nail down the last, simple, super-easy shortcut to creating a great sales message to your Perfect Prospect.

The “first choice tools” you’ll learn about in this short video are essential to anyone in marketing.

Apply the 3 killer SWS Express Course lessons, and you’ll be in a powerful position to close any deal.  Painlessly.  And with honest salesmanship.

When you finish the brief video, post your response in the comments below. John will review all of them and reply to as many as he can get to.  (He’ll focus on posts that provide the best learning examples for everyone.)


Stan Dahl
John Carlton’s Business Partner & Your Host for The SWS Express Course




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