3 – Close The Deal (1505)

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The Simple Writing System Express Course
Lesson #3 – Close The Deal


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Welcome to the third, final and most powerful lesson of the Express Course.

If you need to go back to lessons one or two (or both), you still can (and you should, if you haven’t gone through those quick lessons yet). And, you can still post in the comments on those lessons. However, the SWS faculty (of respected, working freelance copywriters) has moved over here to lesson three. This is where the action is now.

This lesson sums everything up, and nails down the last, simple, super-easy shortcuts to creating a great sales message to your Perfect Prospect. The three “first choice tools” you’ll learn about in the short video (above) are essential to anyone in marketing.

This combination of 3 killer lessons put you in a powerful position to close any deal. Painlessly, and with honest salesmanship.

Listen to the brief video, then post your response in the comments… where I’ll be joined by a small mob of other “A List” copywriters from the SWS faculty in reviewing and interacting with selected posts. These writers love to teach, and throw themselves into the process here, helping entrepreneurs and business owners finally understand the simple-yet-powerful shortcuts to creating awesome ads and marketing messages.

Now… get started, by watching the video.[/text_block]