2 – The Elevator Chat (1405)

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The Simple Writing System Express Course
Lesson #2 – The Elevator Chat


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Before you post your exercise in the comments, you should know that the party has move over to Lesson #3.

Lesson #1 was all about getting inside the head of your Perfect Prospect.

This Lesson (#2) is all about explaining who YOU are… … in a simple, quick way that establishes your credibility and awesomeness in one spectacular breath. This is where sales start piling up, people.

You’re welcome to check out all of the exercises posted below and all of the amazing (and soon to be money-making) advice shared by the professional copywriters of the Simple Writing System faculty.

But the SWS Teachers are now hanging out in Lesson #3 and providing feedback over there.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you complete this Lessons #1 and #2 before moving on to Lesson #3. All of the SWS Express Course lessons fit together, so you’ll get more out of this program you invest just the few minutes it takes to complete each one.

See you over in Lesson #3. And don’t forget this free copywriting course is available for just a few days… so be sure to check back for new feedback from John Carlton & his band and for the next lesson.


Stan Dahl
John Carlton’s Business Partner & Your Host for The SWS Express Course

P.S. – If you haven’t already seen Lesson #1, I suggest you start The Simple Writing System Express Course there. (Click here for Lesson #1). The SWS Instructors are no longer posting feedback to Lesson #1 exercises, but there are hundreds of posts and replies there for you to review and then apply to your own sales copy.[/text_block]